Task 4- Evaluation

Contextual studies Evaluation

During the course of this semester I have learned various techniques on how to tell a story through imagery. With this new knowledge acquired, I decided to create a photobook in the form of a graphic novel in order to create a narrative that can be read only through pictures. As it turns out this was a bit trickier than I thought.

The graphic novel concerns about a person who is finding no satisfaction in the reality she lives in. She is leaving no mark on the world. Stuck in an existence she does not feel she is living. I wanted to portray this character stuck between different realities, the one she is existing in and the one she desires to be in. I used various symbols and metaphors to try to show this conflict within her.

On the whole I kept with the original plan. The story stayed the same; however certain scenes had to be compromised due to some ambiguous scenes. To compensate for these, with some experimentation I discovered new techniques I could use to add to the effect of the mood and movement (example pg. 22 figure 1). Also both actors, who helped me fulfil this project, were not actually actors. This was their first time in front of a camera. Due to this, certain emotions were not as expressive as I would have preferred. I tried holding auditions for the role but the persons who tried were not what I pictured for the part. Despite of this I am very grateful for their help and their talents.

Other difficulties I had were: time and locations. I miscalculated how much time I needed to take all the photographs, but most of all I did not account for the amount needed for editing and placements of the images. Saying this, I still managed to finish much before the deadline. Also day light was a problem, given that the locations I have chosen where all over Malta, from Ghajn Tuffieha, to Birgu, to Buskett, to Haz- Zabbar . I tried to coordinate the time to be in sequence, but due to cloudy-sunny-cloudy weather it was a bit hard to make the scenes look continuous.

When it came to present my project to the class, it was more than evident that the story was a bit hard to comprehend. In my efforts to make the product slightly more legible (by adding more descriptive titles) it still could have improved by adding more text. I see how this could have helped the reader to comprehend the narrative, but if I did so, I felt that I was going to betray my initial idea. I wished to create images where one has to look at them at least twice to spot the hidden clues imbedded inside the pictures that would have made the story clear. What I could have improved is if I created a larger layout so that the pictures would have been bigger and the metaphors and clues would have been easier to notice. Another thing my classmates helped me realise during my presentation is that certain photos could have been better composed and slightly less edited. This could have also helped me make the story more pleasing to the eye and certain movements and happenings would have been clearer.

Over all this being my first project, producing a photographic product, I am quite happy with how it turned out. Of course the product could have been better, but I am proud of how I used symbols and metaphor. Also as one of my strengths was how I explained the story in my presentation. I think over all, the explanation answered any queries about my product and made the story clear.

Additionally, through this project I wanted to show that most of the time we are our own obstacles and the one holding us back is fear to take a leap of faith.   Life and reality is what we make it, and sometime to grow and be who we want to be, we need to kill off the part of us holding us back. I tried to use the suicide scene in my project to show a new beginning rather than an end. Death gives way for the new to grow. If one does not pluck the weed from around the plants, the flower will not see the light and never grow. As I finished this project, I realised that I did not create a story but I create a rein of though, how she is trying to figure out with herself on what she should do.

In conclusion, I wish to elaborate more on the technical side of this task; I want to have the best version of this product as much as I can. Also I wish to investigate further how this concept can be expanded and give it deeper philosophical and psychological background.

This is the review sheet from my classmates


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